Pogledajte kako se Talijani ‘zabavljaju’ nakon što je cijela država završila u karanteni zbog koronavirusa

Situacija oko koronavirusa u svijetu nije nimalo bezazlena. Mnoge držabe koje nisu stvar na vrijeme prepoznali kao potencijalno opasnom sada imaju probleme, poput recimo Italije.

Kako bilo, sada je zbog toga cijela Italija završila u karanteni, na snazi je zabrana kretanja javnim prostorima te svi moraju biti u izolaciji.

Talijani kakvi jesu odlučili su iskoristiti ovu situaciju pa se u brojnim kvartovima održavaju ‘javni’ koncerti, a glazbenici su raspoređeni po balkonima. Pogledajte, sjajni su.

People singing in their balconies to cheer themselves up in Italy during quarantine #ForzaItalia #StayStrong #Italy #Italia

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Grab the tissues… and listen to these beautiful Italia voices singing to each other in the empty streets. Humanity is beautiful. 💙💙💙💙💙💙

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People in Italy singing their national anthem to distract from coronavirus during country lockdown ——————————————————————-#coronavirusitalianews #italy #italy🇮🇹 #italia #USA #canada🇨🇦 #italian #corona #coronavirüsü #emergency #trump #europe #eu #coronavirus #news #politics #instagram #health #happy #italytravel #italygram #creative #travel #blogger #travelgram #traveler #lonelyplanet #nationalgeographic #canadian #american

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Singing in Salerno

L'Italia s'è desta. 💚❤It's not the country of my birth, but it's a country I very much fell in love with as soon as I visited and now it's where I'm fortunate enough to call home. Day to day life has become a little strange here lately, but the way Italy has united and acted in the face of the coronavirus has been quite moving. In the last few days people in cities all over the country – from Turin in the north Salerno in the south and Siena, Benevento and Napoli in between – have been playing music and singing out of their windows. This video is of people singing the national anthem in Salerno.For people back home who are reading this, it's time for you to take action now before the situation becomes as extreme as it is here. You'll likely see similar measures taken there soon, and things are going to change rapidly, even overnight. But don't wait for the government to decide things for you, start now. Learn from the mistakes we made here. Please think about others' health and not just your own. Work from home if possible, stop going to bars, restaurants and cafes, STOP TRAVELLING OVERSEAS. Most people will be fine, most won't even show symptoms, but by carrying this virus you risk infecting anyone you come in close contact with, and they might not be as well equipped as you are to fight it off.And stop buying toilet roll. It's weird.

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